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13/09/2016 - 23/09/2016 | Morocco | 0 article | 3 photos |

travel with nomads

The trek is possible only twice a year. In the beginning of summer, nomads of Ait Atta travel to their land in the High Atlas, following their flock. As the first snow starts to fall at the beginning of winter, they start charging their luggage back to their home origin in the JbelSaghro Mountains. It is a lifestyle that connects the nomads with their animals.

This is far from a standard tourist experience; travelling with the nomadic Ait Atta means fitting into the organization of the caravan and accepting the decisions of the nomads’ chief for the breaks, campsites and departure times. It also requires that each member of the team helps with simple chores; loading pack animals, collecting the firewood, gathering sheep and goats. However, while this will be a relatively unstructured journey with potential for surprises, it is unlikely to be anything but a unique experience


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